Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling Your Home

When a home owner thinks about a remodeling project they are mostly focused on the final results. They want the project to turn out the way they had in mind. The home owner will probably get several competing offers and ideas from contractors. While the final price will certainly come into play, it is not necessarily the deciding factor.

Among the most important influences are how comfortable the home owner is with the chosen contractor. Nevertheless, there could be problems.

The first thing to do is to interview the contractor. Have a nice sit-down meeting with the company rep to spell out exactly what you expect and what the company will do. Photos of other projects the company has done will help as well as customer referrals. When you decide the contractor who is right for you, get it in writing. A contract with plans is essential. Read the fine print. Understand what is expected of the contractor and most importantly, what is expected of you. This will include the contractor access to your property and schedules of payment.

Be sure the contractor is licensed with the proper agencies and that all work permits are recorded. If a contractor completes a job without proper permits, you will be responsible. If the inspector requires a “tear out” to view the work (such as with plumbing, electric or hidden constructions such as windows), it will be at your cost. You can attempt to recover the cost from the contractor but it could involve lawyers.

Get proof that any and all subcontractors on the job were paid. If you hired a company to build an extension to your home and that company hired a concrete contractor to install the foundation, then did not pay them, it can be a problem. The subcontractor can file a lien against your property.

Be sure you see the results of all inspections, especially the final inspection. Lack of proper permits can turn up years alter and the contractor may no longer even be in business.

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