The name of the cake is Gugelhupf.
The name of the cake is Gugelhupf.

This cake recipe comes from my grandma . She always baked it on special events . The name of the cake is: ” Gugelhupf ” .

One golden rule for yeast dough: All ingredients should have room temperature!

Recipe for 1 Bundt-style cake pan.


11 oz all purpose flour

1 package dry yeast

4 1/2 oz milk (body temperature)


4 oz butter

3 oz sugar

3 oz chopped almonds

3 eggs

½ tsp salt

1 tbsp vanilla and ½ tbsp zest from organic lemon

1 handful sliced almonds for the baking pan, if you want.


First, make the sponge with flour, milk and yaest. Kneading 3 minutes and let it rise at room temperature about 30 minutes .

Add the rest of ingredients to the sponge and mix it very well. If you use a machine then mix approx. 10 minutes medium speed. Or by hand until the dough does not more stick on the side of the mixing bowel.

Grease the baking pan careful and sprinkle some sliced almonds in the pan.

Fill the dough evenly in the baking pan, cover the pan with a towel and let it prove for 45 – 60 minutes at room temperature.

Preheat the oven to 350 °F, place the baking pan in the middle of the oven and bake the Gugelhupf for approx. 45 – 50 minutes.

If you want shift some powder sugar over the Gugelhupf.

Bon Appetite

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