5 Things That Turn Off Prospective Buyers

5 Things That Turn Off Prospective Buyers

There is more that goes into selling a house than just calling a Realtor, sticking a sign in the yard, and “putting the house on the market.” In fact, there are several important things that sellers should and must do in order to get their home sold in a timely manner.

Your Suncoasteam is here to make sure that you don’t make some of the common mistakes that sellers make. An article in the “Sun Sentinel” revealed five things that turn off prospective buyers. If you want to sell your home, don’t make these mistakes!

5 things that turn off prospective buyers:

  • A cluttered house or one that smells. While one might think that prospective buyers can look past the fact that you are moving out, having too many possessions and boxes is an unappealing visual that can hurt the sellers chance of selling their home. Prospective buyers want to imagine themselves living in the home and if the current occupants have possessions that take up space, it is hard for buyers to visualize themselves in that home. Ideally, the sellers should have all their stuff moved out before putting their home up for sale (or at least put stuff in storage!). Additionally, foul odors such as cigarette smoke or nasty pet smells are a turn off to prospective buyers. Buyers will not even waste their time going through a home that smells like smoke.
  • False or misleading advertising. Be honest. Many times sellers mislead or even falsely advertise certain aspects about their home. For example, just because you used that spare, windowless, closet-less room as a bedroom for the past twenty years does not make it an additional bedroom. Comparatively, sellers should not claim that their home that has a water view is a waterfront property. Sellers should not try to sell what is not really there– state the facts and remain honest!
  • Sellers not committed to selling. Often times, sellers will list their home for sale just for the sake of “testing the waters.” These types of sellers will test the market, then waffle when buyers show serious interest. “Wishy-washy sellers don’t use lock boxes that give agents quick access, or they’re not accommodating when it comes to scheduling the homes for showings” (Sun Sentinel). For sellers who truly want to sell their home, the home should be available to show at almost any time. There should be only very few times when a seller cannot show their home.
  • Overpricing the house. It’s understandable that sellers might get attached to the home where they’ve lived for years. However, sellers should not let their fond memories lead to overvaluation of their home. Instead, sellers should seek the agent who can best represent them. Find the agent who will provide you with the information for recent selling prices for comparable homes in the area. Even though prices are on the rise, sellers who price their property too high will not generate much interest. Sellers who list their home at market price are going to have a better chance of getting it sold.
  • Sellers who stay for the showing. “This is a pet peeve of buyers and agents, who say sellers should be long gone when prospective buyers show up” (Sun Sentinel). Buyers want to tour without the owners lingering around. Buyers want to make the decision whether they should buy a piece of property– owners who “give the tour” and try to “sell” the prospective buyer on why they should buy the house are doing more harm than good. Some real estate professionals even advise sellers to not speak with buyers until a contract is signed. “By revealing their motivation, for instance, sellers can inadvertently give buyers more power in negotiations” (Sun Sentinel). Sellers beware.

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