Buyers Broker, Charlotte County, Florida

Buyers Broker, Charlotte County, Florida

An article in The New York Times, Sunday, March 15, 2009, by Marcelle S. Fischler, discusses the benefits of employing a “Buyer’s Broker”. At Suncoasteam Realty, we agree. It is important to have a broker working for you, in your best interest, to get YOU the best deal possible.

The article discusses the experience of buyers who made an offer through the listing agent. These buyers found that the agents were working in the interest of the seller.

This article is about real estate in New York, and while laws differ from state to state, the basic premise is the same. As stated in the article, “It’s always advantageous for the buyers to have their own representation”. In Florida, many agents work as Transaction Brokers, allowing them to negotiate a deal. In effect, they work for no one. A transaction agent simply works the deal. What you really need is someone working in your behalf.

At Suncoasteam Realty, we want you to be completely happy with our service. If we can’t do the right thing, we don’t want the deal. Our reputation is too important to have an unhappy customer!

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