Rotonda, Florida – Sales Statistics – 3/2006

Rotonda, Florida – Sales Statistics – 3/2006

Rotonda, Florida Real Estate

Rotonda is divided into several sections. These include Rotonda West, Rotonda Lakes, Rotonda Sands, Rotonda Villas and Meadows and Rotonda Heights.

Rotonda West is further divided into seven pie shaped subdivisions: Oakland Hills, Pebble Beach, Pinehurst, Broadmoor, Long Meadow, White Marsh and Pine Valley, named to emphasize the golf course community.

Rotonda West is the most fully developed and therefore has the most resale homes. Rotonda Heights and Rotonda Lakes also have resale homes while the remaining communities are sparsely developed resulting in few resale homes. Most of the real estate sales in Rotonda Sands, Rotonda Villas and Meadows are vacant lot sales.

There are currently 416 homes for sale in Rotonda, Florida, a decrease of 21 since last month. The price range is $158,700 – $1,200,000. The median price is $319,900. Good luck selling a million dollar home in Rotonda!

The breakdown of single-family home sales is as follows:

3-2007: 12 homes sold, $185,000- $375,000. Median price: $255,000.

2-2007: 8 homes sold, $235,000- $385,000. Median price: $250,000.

1-2007: 7 homes sold, $230,000- $470,000. Median price: $329,000.

12-2006: 18 homes sold, $192,500- $449,000. Median price: $309,000.

11-2006: 17 homes sold, $165,000 – $390,000. Median price: $245,000.

10-2006: 2 homes sold, $213,000 and $235,000

9-2006: 3 home sold, $158,000 – $290,000. Median price: $280,000

8-2006: 4 homes sold, $205,000 – $540,000. Median price: $300,000

7-2006: 7 homes sold, $210,000 -$372,000. Median price: $280,000

6-2006: 17 homes sold, $220,000 – $505,000. Median price: $330,000

Condominiums in Rotonda, FL (Rotunda, FL), FL are mostly new construction with only a few resales. There are currently 59 condos for sale in Rotonda, Florida. This is five less than February. The price range is $99,000 – $1,000,000 and a median price of $199,000.


3-2007: 0 sold

2-2007: 0 sold

1-2007: 2 sold, $140,000 and $214,000

12-2006: 1 sold, $105,000

11-2006: None sold

Five have sold since June 1, 2006, $111,500 – $215,000. Median price: $199,000.

The sale of lots in Rotonda, FL (Rotunda, FL), FL has also been quite slow in 2006. There are presently 1,217 building lots for sale in Rotonda, Florida. The price range is $17,500 for a lot in Rotonda Villas to $409,900 for a ridiculously over priced parcel in a remote section of the Villas. The owner is really proud of those two lots! The median asking price is $68,600. For the purpose of this report we have discarded oversize lots and multiple lot offerings. In the many sections of Rotonda, the price of vacant land will vary greatly depending upon age of surrounding homes, number of area homes, size of the lot, etc€¦ Before using this data to value your specific lot, please call or write so we can perform an area analysis. Furthermore, all the high asking prices are outrageously overpriced for today’s conditions. Sales stats tell more of the story.


3-2007 – 10 sold, $19,900 – $89,900. Median price: $23,500

2-2007 – 13 sold, $17,000 – $55,000. Median price: $34,900

1-2007 – 21 sold, $20,000 – $122,000. Median price: $44,900

12-2006 – 26 sold, $17,000 – $127,500. Median price: $18,000

11-2006 – 20 sold, $17,500 – $69,900. Median price: $25,500.

87 vacant lots have sold in all areas of Rotonda June 1, 2006 – October 31, 2006. The price range was $22,000 for a building lot in Rotonda Villas to $132,000 for a larger lot in the new section of White Marsh in Rotonda West.

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