Electric Generators

Electric Generators

Electric power generators are becoming popular as options in new home construction and add-ons to existing homes. In an article in the Christian Science Monitor on August 11, 2006, electric generators were cited as a selling tool in storm prone areas, especially in the southeast.

For home installation, electric generators that run on propane or natural gas are very popular, however many diesel or gasoline powered units are also installed. A generator is placed on a concrete pad beside the home and it is wired into the home’s circuit using a “transfer switch”. A transfer switch can be automatic or manual.

An automatic transfer switch senses the loss of power and flips to generator power, automatically starting the generator and feeding electricity to the home. Most installations partially energize a home, that is, only selected circuits have electricity. In doing this a homeowner can purchase a smaller, less expensive electric generator.

A typical installation would power the kitchen, a bath and perhaps the living room. In the kitchen, the refrigerator, lights and a microwave would use available power. To power an electric range, a very large generator would be required.

A minimum installation like this would cost between $2,500 and $5,000. To completely energize a 2,000 square foot home, a generator costing over $10,000 would be required. In addition to the cost of the generator, installation, permits and inspection fees should considered.

Finally, alternative fuels are also a consideration for a back up generator installation. Propane can be stored quite compactly and has the added benefit of not gumming up a carburetor.

If you have questions about electric generators you can contact Jim Mulligan at your Suncoasteam. His telephone number is 941-456-3034 or email him at jim@suncoasteam.com

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