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How to Pronounce Punta Gorda

People have often asked how to pronounce the name of the City, Punta Gorda (sometimes they don’t bother to ask, they simply butcher it).

When Ponce De Leon arrived in our area at the dawn of the 16th century, his proper Spanish pronunciation of the area that he named Punta Gorda was Poon – ta Goor – da… Fat point or broad point…

Over the years it has been Anglicized to Punt –a (like kicker in a football game) Gord (like a squash) – ah. Poonta Goorda is rarely heard. Now, it is most often called Puntahgordah. Or Punna gordah… I have even heard it called Pont-a Gordah…

Which is correct? Well, if you respect the Spanish explorers who first visited this beautiful town, Poonta Goordah…. If you want to blend… Punt – ah Gord –ah.

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